Parenting Strategies:

Preventing Depression & Anxiety

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Our Team

We are a team of researchers at Monash University and the University of Melbourne, Victoria, Australia. We have put together this website to help parents to manage some challenging issues they may face with their children, including alcohol and drug misuse, depression, anxiety and other mental health problems. All our resources are based on systematic reviews of research evidence and the consensus of international experts in the field of parenting and youth mental health. The primary aim of the website is to translate complex research evidence and clinical knowledge into practical resources that parents in the wider community can understand and use to protect their children from mental health problems.

Dr Marie Yap

Dr Marie Yap

Dr Marie Yap is a Senior Research Fellow and Psychologist at Monash University. She has a longstanding interest in the importance of the family in children’s development, especially in terms of protecting young people from mental health problems.

Professor Anthony Jorm

Professor Tony Jorm

Professor Tony Jorm is a Professorial Fellow at the University of Melbourne and an NHMRC Australia Fellow. His research focuses on public knowledge and beliefs about mental illness, and particularly on interventions to improve the public’s helpfulness towards people developing mental illness.

Other key contributors

Other key contributors to the development of Parenting Strategies: preventing Adolescent Depression and Anxiety Disorders include Ms Siobhan Ryan, Ms Pamela Pilkington, and Ms Michelle Fowler, who are Research Assistants on this program; and Dr Claire Kelly, who is the co-ordinator of the Youth Mental Health First Aid program.

Our Funding Sources

This work was supported by the National Health & Medical Research Council, and beyondblue.


Our Logo

Our logo represents a parent and a child, highlighting the role of the parent as a protector and a major influence over the child. The arrows symbolise the ups and downs of life, parenting, and the parent-child relationship. Our vision is that the strategies we provide through this website will enable parents and their children to grow individually and together.